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Well, here is yet another addition to my site.  I picked up my new blue and white machine Saturday 20/1/02.  I got a great deal on my Kawasaki VN800 at Riossi, Manchester.  The VN800 was a great bike, but after seeing the GSX1400K2 change was in the wind.

Much of my decision to change was reached thanks to a great website dedicated to this bike run by Dave Pym,  Suzuki so big thanks to Dave, Gnome, and all the members for their help.

I have included many sections in this website, including my own roadtest, plenty of photos, a specifications page, modifications I had made to cope with my disability, even some wallpapers for your use, and finally a diary section.  For latest news, click the update link this will let you know the most recent updates.  I have not only included the good, but also any problems I have had, and whether they were resolved to my satisfaction.  This is a fantastic bike, but as with all things mechanical not perfect, and lets be honest that bike hasn't been built yet.

Thats the end of this short introduction, go back to the index, and take a look at my latest bike, its all quite fresh, but there is plenty to look at.


Updates to Site

Pages last updated 21/01/04

21/01/02  -  Suzuki GSX1400 pages created.
  -  Diary page updated, new page added, Disability Mods
20/02/02  -  Diary page updated, mini-screen fitted, mirror extensions fitted, photos updated.
17/03/02  -  New page added, GSX1400 Wallpapers
09/08/02  -  Diary page updated, Dynojet PCIII fitted, photos updated. 
01/10/02  -  Road-legal e-mark Scorpions fitted, Diary, Photos, updated.
17/11/02  -  New site banner added thanks to Keith at
17/11/02  -  Impressions page renamed Diary Page.
17/11/02  -  New page added, GSX1400 Roadtest read it now!
30/12/02  -  Diary page updated, 4,000 mile service, plus leaky shocks!!!
08/01/03  -  Diary page updated, K3 rear shocks fitted. 
13/01/03  -  Diary updated, Corrosion Horror, photos included.
15/01/03  -  Diary updated, Corrosion Happy Days.
29/01/03  -  New wallpaper added to..where else, the Wallpaper Page, thanks John.
09/02/03  -  Specifications page updated with K3 photo and updated specification.
31/05/03  -  Email address changed

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